Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peer Amid The Stars

At first I named this blog "peer amid the stars"? Why? Well, I kind of always like the construct the chairman of my architecture department used in an invitation to the students to a soiree to be held in the Egyptian room of the archeological museum at the university, where she invited us to "peer amid your colleagues." So when naming a blog related to architecture, since a pyramid is a basic architectural form, it came to mind, as well as the "peer amid" construct. But who are the stars? I don't know - everyone out there in this profession we call architecture. My colleagues are "stars." Of course, there are "starchitects" - but I'm not having pretensions of peering amid them - although there are some who I admire greatly for their achievements and the simplicity of their lives. OK, now I've renamed it Archiyogitect, because that reflects more who I am. An architect who practices yoga.

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