Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saint Chapelle interior, Paris

Saint Chapelle interior, Paris, originally uploaded by vgane.

My friend Victor has uploaded many of his architecture and nature photos. Here is one of Saint Chapelle


Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Arturo. You know, we probably passed each other on Locust Walk many times yet never "met" until now.

I love Medieval architecture and love this picture of Saint Chapelle. Even in a photo, it fills me with awe and makes me feel insignificant.

A funny architecture story: A few years ago, on an upscale street in an upscale suburb of New Orleans, a man built a mansion based on plans drawn up by Palladio. The neighbors were in an uproar over this "eyesore." It was too "modern" for them. (The sad afterstory: That street was badly flooded when the federal levees broke, so that house may no longer be there.)

Arturo said...

Hi Shauna
How funny that you found this blog of mine. I intended it to be an architecture blog, but I spend more time writing in my other blog, cronyogitect. But ocassionally I write here, or maybe test things here.

The photograph of St. Chapelle is spectacular. My friend Victor, who took the picture, is a very talented architect. He's also a great photographer. You should check out his flickr page.

That story about a Palladio house appearing too modern in New Orleans is funny. It also shows how unexposed to history people can be.

Thanks for writing. Your blog is admirable - obtaining interviews with writers. It's really laudable. I liked the interview with the lady that carries the plastic chicken. It's a very funny piece.

Cheers, Arturo

Shauna Roberts said...

Glad you enjoyed looking through my blog and the interview with Christee of the rubber chicken.