Sunday, December 30, 2007

View from my parent's house

View from my parent's house in the morning


Shauna Roberts said...

Beautiful clouds. Did you use a filter or did they come out that way naturally? I have trouble getting intense blue skies without the rest of the picture getting too black.

Arturo said...

hi shauna
those are the cumulus clouds that are very typical in the intense humidity of puerto rico. my parents live close to the rain forrest, so these clouds later go and empty out their moisture in the mountains.
i hope you're doing well
cheers, arturo

Jayne said...

Now if I had a view like that from my apartment here in Abu Dhabi, I most certainly wouldn't get much done during the day! Thankfully, I do have a stunning view from my home, at home in S.Africa :-)
Thank you for your comment on my blog Arturo & I hope to see you around again :-)

Arturo said...

Hi Jayne
I imagine you're quite busy in Abu Dhabi, though. How wonderful to live in a scenic place in S. Africa also. By the way, initially I started with two blogs, one on yoga and nutrition
CRONyogitect blog

and this one. I tend to spend most of my blogging time at the CRONyogitect one and use this one to test things.